Friday, June 10, 2011

HDR app Adventures

Life has been relatively adventure-less lately: shift change, nerve blocks, different days off as the Adventure Husband. A shift change has resulted in walks with the kiddos at dusk. Walks with the kiddos means playing with the various new photography apps on my iPhone. My newest obsession: HDR. HDR requires two photos of the same object. The camera chooses a low light and high light picture then stitches them together. When you attempt to do that with busy dogs you get over lap or ghost like effects.

Rommel x2 + Elly butt.
 Bones and Elly. Rommel stepped in for one of the two shots.
 My beautiful baby.
 Can't be in two places at once.
 Do four ears hear better?

I find joy in getting the "right shot". Thank the stars for digital so I can take a million pictures to get the right shot.

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