Thursday, May 19, 2011

3 bikes: Casa Grande to Superior

A few weeks ago, a buddy from work asked us to go for a ride. A few weeks ago, my parents were in town; last week, we went camping for our anniversary. So we pushed the ride back to today. Four of us saddled up at 7AM on our respective bikes (Mike and I 2 up) and headed out towards Florence. From Florence we headed down the Florence/Kelvin highway - a mostly unpaved, but improved dirt road.

We couldn't have picked a better day. It rained a bit last night, so the dust was down. For the majority of the ride it was in the 60's. Far better than the 90's - summer is upon Arizona.

This shot was an accident, but I liked it. :)

 Meet the boys - Mike and Jeremy. Mike led most of the way. My Mike said it was akin to riding with street bike guys with how quickly they sped away from stop signs and such.

From 79, we turned onto Cochran Road to head out towards the river. Right at the turn off was a field of boulders. Arizona is like that: random geologic phenomena sporadically placed throughout the state. I don't quite understand the need to spray paint the rocks though, ruins the view.

After a brief stop for photos and a pee, we continued down towards the river.

 The scenery was amazing. I tend to forget how beautiful Arizona can be living in Casa Grande. We are maybe 45 minutes from home, dipping in and out of valleys, scanning the mountainous horizon.

Onward to water!

Hooray for helmet hair! The river wasn't very deep, but we weren't going to tempt fate and try to cross. We hung out for a bit, chatted and relaxed.

Jeremy's bike had the smallest tank, so we opted to hop back on Cochran Road and head back to the Florence/Kelvin highway. Superior sounded like a great place for fuel and lunch.

I'm fairly certain that the boys were secretly racing. But it was a fantastic road - 20 or so miles of grated roads through the mountains.

After a lunch of chili burgers (yes they were as good as they sound) at the Porter Cafe in Superior, the boys decided that they had to take the Florence/Kelvin Highway back. But first we needed to stop and see the Ray Mine. 

The Ray Mine, outside of Superior, AZ. I'm pretty sure Superior only exists because this mine does. 

Three bikes and a mine. 

I was just along the ride as the photographer. 

Just as we turned onto the Florence/Kelvin Highway, Mike was smacked in the chest by a bird. Thankfully we weren't at speed yet or it would've hurt more.

It was a pretty great way to spend our morning. Although all four of us are on mids, so its more of an evening ride for us. Mike and Mike were already pointing out turn offs that needing exploration the next go around, so I'm sure there will be many more rides this summer.

160 miles, 223 pictures, and back before 2PM.

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